What are the most important things you should know before getting a residential property for rent?

If you are looking for residential property for rent that fits your criteria, it’s likely you will be attending at least one or two viewing before moving in somewhere. With this in mind, there are common things you should know before starting your journey of search.

What are the important 4 tips help you choose the perfect residential property for rent?

  • Location is first
    When it comes to renting a home, we always hear of this advice: “location”. Once you know which area you want to live in, focus on its features such as distance to work, availability of schools and access to major roads.
  • Meet your budget
    Before you start making any decisions you'll need to have a think about budget, how much should you spend on rent? The general rule states to spend no more than 30% of your take-home income on housing-related expenses, but everyone’s financial situation is different.
  • Is the apartment in good condition?
    As a prospective tenant, a list of fittings and fixtures you should check before you apply for a new residential property for rent, such as plumbing, electrical, sanitary fittings, etc. Details of the condition of walls, ceilings and rooftop should also be checked.
  • Close to public transport and infrastructure.
    The place you choose to live in will certainly affect your lifestyle. As reported by real estate company in Dubai, a lot of single people including young couple would like to live in a studio or one- bed room apartment in a location that they feel are more accessible to public transport facilities, restaurants, parking and malls.

Knowing how you search for the property of your dream is always something important. List out all your requirements and contact East & West, we are ready always to help.